Ken Tate Receives Conservation Impact Award from California Rangeland Trust

From left, Rangeland Trust emeritus director Devere Dressler, Kenneth Tate, UC Davis, and Rangeland Trust CEO Nita Vail. (photo: Richard Levine)
From left, Rangeland Trust emeritus director Devere Dressler, Kenneth Tate, UC Davis, and Rangeland Trust CEO Nita Vail. (photo: Richard Levine)

California Rangeland Trust awarded the 2016 Conservation Impact Award to Dr. Kenneth W. Tate, a Cooperative Extension specialist and professor in the Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis, and with UC ANR. The Rangeland Trust recognized that it’s not only landowners who make significant contributions to the conservation of California Rangelands and created the Conservation Impact Award in 2015. Last year the award went to John Donnelly, executive director of the Wildlife Conservation Board.

Ken Tate is no stranger to ranching. His focus on enhancing natural resources and sustaining productive agricultural enterprises on rangelands through research and education has led to recognition on the state, national, and international levels. With 102 peer-reviewed publications, Tate leads cutting-edge research in the fields of rangeland ecology and agro-ecosystems, providing tools for effective rangeland management decisions.

Tate’s career at UC Davis spans 21 years where he held positions such as Vice Chair for Outreach and Extension in the Department of Plant Sciences. He is a professor and Cooperative Extension specialist in rangeland watershed science, and he holds the Endowed Specialist in Cooperative Extension in Rangeland Watershed Science position in the Department of Plant Sciences at UC Davis, where he educates the next generation of rangeland professionals. His editorial position as associate editor of California Agriculture keeps him on the front lines of the issues California ranchers and farmers face.

Tate has received numerous awards including the UC Cooperative Extension Outstanding Team Distinguished Service Award for academic excellence, positive impact on the society, teamwork, and cross-disciplinary integration. He also received the James H. Meyer Distinguished Achievement Award and the Eric Bradford and Charlie Rominger Agricultural Sustainability Leadership Award.

As the go-to guy for all things range science, Dr. Kenneth Tate’s research, outreach, and education has had a significant impact on rangelands throughout California, the United States, and the world. Tate said, “I am deeply honored by this recognition. Like the California Rangeland Trust, it is my goal to conserve California’s rangelands, ranches, and our vibrant western heritage for future generations. To have my efforts to achieve this shared goal recognized by the trust is extremely rewarding and humbling.”

(Adapted from California Rangeland Trust press release, by Jessica Kong. The California Rangeland Trust was created to conserve the open space, natural habitat, and stewardship provided by California’s ranches. To date, the trust has protected more than 291,288 acres of productive grazing lands across California through the use of conservation easements. For more information, visit

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