Andrew Latimer and Astrid Volder: Faculty Leaders in Training

Plant Sciences professors Andrew Latimer and Astrid Volder are two of the six faculty members in the UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences selected for the Faculty Leadership Academy, through Academic Affairs.

Human ecology professors Amanda Guyer, Jonathan London and Michael Rios, as well as nutrition professor Fawaz George Haj and plant sciences professors Andrew Latimer and Astrid Volder, have been accepted into the Faculty Leadership Academy.

From top left: Amanda Guyer, Andrew Latimer, Fawaz George Haj, Jonathan London, Michael Rios, and Astrid Volder

The program builds leadership skills in tenured UC Davis faculty, enabling them to take on increasingly responsible roles in their units, departments, the college and the campus.

“The Faculty Leadership Academy has been in place for more than 15 years, and it provides an excellent opportunity for selected faculty members to develop and hone their leadership skills,” said the program’s director, Lisa Brodkey. “Many of our current campus leaders are alumni of the academy, including CA&ES Executive Associate Dean Mary Delany and Associate Dean Anita Oberbauer.”

The six-session program begins in January on the UC Davis campus with 25 participants. It was formerly known as the Leadership Development Program. More information is available from the Academic Affairs Faculty Leadership Academy website.

Andrew Latimer is an associate professor who studies plant population and community ecology; climate, drought, and fire effects on forests and rangelands; and statistical modeling. Astrid Volder is an associate professor who studies how plant roots respond to stresses such as extreme heat or drought.

(article revised from UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences)

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