Redwood Genome Project is Cover Story on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’: Genome Sequencing Research by David Neale, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis

“Mapping the Genome of Redwoods” is the feature story on CBS Sunday Morning this coming Sunday (July 1). Featured in the program are Distinguished Professor David Neale and his research team (Dept. of Plant Sciences, UC Davis), and the Save the Redwoods League.

The news clip from the CBS television site notes, “They are among the oldest living things on the planet: old growth redwoods, only a few of which remain. Now, scientists are trying to bring these majestic trees back. Correspondent Lee Cowan visits California’s Big Basin Redwoods State Park to report on a movement to map the genome of the coast redwood tree and its relative, the giant sequoia, in order to restore old-growth forests.”

Professor David Neale, UC Davis, is sequencing the genome of the Coast redwood tree to help preserve future populations.

Of the two million acres of redwood trees in California prior to the Gold Rush, 95 percent of those old-growth forests no longer exist, primarily due to clear-cutting.

Genome sequencing will help determine specific redwood trees that can withstand stress, such as drought, heat, and pests. That information can then be used in long-term conservation strategies, especially in light of climate change.

The Save the Redwoods League, based in San Francisco, California, supports basic and applied research on the biology and ecology of coast redwood and giant sequoia forest ecosystems. The nonprofit organization helped support Neale’s research on this project.

The redwood segment will be near the beginning of the program, so rise and shine early, or set your television to record it. A link will be available after the program airs.

Additional Information:

Coast redwood tree. (photo: Ann Filmer/UC Davis)
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[Article by Ann Filmer, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis.]

(Photo: CBS Sunday Morning)

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