Lifetime Achievement Award: Allen Van Deynze, Seed Biotechnology Center

Allen Van Deynze, research director at the Seed Biotechnology Center at UC Davis, received a lifetime achievement award from the International Pepper Conference, held in November 2018.

The award recognizes individuals who have contributed to the advancement of Capsicum research, extension, technology, and knowledge in the areas of breeding and genetics, horticultural management and production (including production methods, cultural systems and sustainable approaches), integrated pest management, and postharvest issues.

The International Pepper Conference attracts prominent scientists, researchers, breeders, horticulturists, pathologists, entomologists, geneticists, physiologists, virologists, extension agents, seed and chemical company representatives, major processors, growers, and chili pepper aficionados from around the world. It is the premier venue for the dissemination and exchange of research and information on Capsicum. This information exchange is vital to the continued improvement and international advancement of peppers.

Allen Van Deynze, UC Davis

As part of the SBC’s mission to serve as a liaison between public institutions and seed industry, Van Deynze is responsible for developing, coordinating and conducting research and generating and disseminating scientific and informational content for the Seed Biotechnology Center’s and Plant Breeding Center’s educational and outreach programs. His research focuses on developing and integrating genomics into plant breeding of California crops. He has programs on breeding for disease resistance and quality in pepper and spinach, and development and application of genomics in crops.

Contact: Allen Van Deynze, Seed Biotechnology Center, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis.

[Article prepared by Ann Filmer, Feb. 22, 2019, Dept. of Plant Sciences, UC Davis]

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