Horticultural Research Institute Funding for Mohsen Mesgaran to Assess Seed Quality

UC Davis Plant Sciences Professor Mohsen Mesgaran received research funding for 2019 from the Horticultural Research Institute for the project “Using Hyperspectral Technology to Assess Seed Quality of Horticultural Crops.” He is one of fifteen recipients from thirteen universities; a total of $437,200 was awarded to the fifteen projects.

Mesgaran is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Plant Sciences, and works primarily on weedy and invasive plants in agricultural and natural systems.

Professor Mohsen Mesgaran, Plant Sciences, UC Davis, received funding from the Horticultural Research Institute to assess seed quality.

Using Hyperspectral Technology to Assess Seed Quality of Horticultural Crops

Project summary:
When starting crops from seed, rapid and uniform germination are highly prized. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Hyperspectral imaging collects information based on a seed’s electromagnetic spectrum, or wavelengths not visible to the human eye. This technology is being evaluated as a quick and nondestructive alternative to time-consuming and costly seed assays.

“Leveraging recent advances in technology, our aim in this project is to test the possibility of creating ‘germination curves’ by taking images of individual seeds, which if successful can save a lot of money and time,” said Mesgaran. “We will also be testing the relationship between seed respiration — a measure of seed vigor — and spectral reflectance, something that hasn’t been done before.”

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(Article by Ann Filmer, Dept. of Plant Sciences, UC Davis, May 8, 2019; with some content from HRI.)

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