Erin Hsu: Shinoda and California Floral Council Scholarships

August 12, 2015

Erin Hsu, a junior majoring in Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry, with an emphasis in floriculture, recently received two horticulture scholarships ($3,500) — a Shinoda Foundation Scholarship and a California Floral Council Scholarship (for California residents). The scholarships are awarded based on academic achievements, work experience, and career goals.

Hsu is from San Jose, and is spending the summer in Davis working on an LED greenhouse lighting project with plant sciences professor Heiner Lieth. Her academic interests lean toward greenhouse floriculture production and/or floral design.

Erin Hsu, UC Davis (photo: Ann Filmer)
Erin Hsu, UC Davis (photo: Ann Filmer)

Bob Otsuka, president of the Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship Foundation and executive vice president of the California Flower Market, said, “It’s our honor to contribute to horticulture’s growth by investing in the students that will be its future. These future horticulturists represent some of the best potential our industry has.”

[note: A past Shinoda scholarship recipient in plant sciences is CE specialist Richard Evans, who received the scholarship in 1978 while a student at UC Davis.]

(Article by Ann Filmer, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis)

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