Fresh-cut Products Workshop: The Science and Art of Quality and Safety

This workshop, held on the UC Davis campus, September 18-20, 2018 (Tues.–Thurs), provides an intensive and substantive overview of fresh-cut product physiology, production, hygienic facility and equipment design, wash water management, film and packaging design principles and practical selection, sensory evaluation, and distribution.

Participants will gain working knowledge of established and new procedures through topic-related and interactive sessions and demonstrations. Our practical demonstration on the impact of temperature on packaged product quality reinforces all the temperature-related discussions.

New for 2018 will be a commodity overviews session that may include discussion of raw material quality, maturity indices, variety and production factors affecting raw material quality, preparation procedures and treatments, quality indices and defects of the fresh-cut product, benefits of atmospheres and other treatments in relation to temperature control, expected shelf-life, and new developments/research needs.

For those new to the industry, moving up in operational responsibilities, or a buyer looking to better understand and manage suppliers, between lectures, demonstrations and discussions, you will be well-prepared to tackle today’s fresh cut challenges.

Who Should Attend

The workshop is relevant to all levels of fresh-cut produce industry professionals — from small, local and regional produce processors to large businesses with nationwide distribution. Food scientists, food engineers, quality assurance personnel and new product development staff as well as representatives from research institutions, the restaurant and Institutional food industries, and equipment, packaging and ingredient suppliers will all benefit from attending.

To Enroll

Please visit the Postharvest Technology Center website, for more information and to view the current agenda. You can enroll online here. If you have any questions about enrollment, please contact the registration coordinator, Penny Stockdale at or 530-752-7672.

Discount note: This year there is a 20 percent discount on the registration fee for two or more enrollments from the same company. Please contact Penny Stockdale to arrange for this opportunity.

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