Vegetable Transplants: Their Use in the Vegetable Industry (video #2 of 26)

Trays of vegetable transplants ready for the field.

The use of transplants in vegetable production systems is important because they provide a means for early harvests, lower seed costs, enable farmers to gain a competitive advantage over weeds, and avoid costs associated with thinning.

This is Video #2 in a series of 26 videos that are posted weekly, starting May 11, 2019.

The videos that are found at this YouTube playlist were created through the efforts of instructors at four universities in California where courses in vegetable crop production are offered and where many of the students who will become the next generation of agricultural production system leaders in California are being trained. The universities are the University of California, Davis; California State University, Fresno; California State Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo; and California State University, Chico.

Jeff Mitchell, faculty member and Cooperative Extension specialist in the Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis, managed the series.

Vegetable seedlings ready to be moved for transplanting in the field.

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