James Cubbage: Staff Assembly

August 12, 2015

James Cubbage, web developer for the department, has been re-elected to the UC Davis Staff Assembly Executive Committee, serving this next term as Secretary. Cubbage has worked with Staff Assembly for 10 years, serving in various capacities on the executive committee and the board, including vice chair.

Staff Assembly welcomes feedback about staff issues at UC Davis. The executive committee meets quarterly with Chancellor Linda Katehi, and with campus human resources and other constituent groups on campus. The committee is currently working on feedback to changes in the merit process for staff.

James Cubbage, UC Davis
James Cubbage, UC Davis

If you have suggestions or feedback on staff issues, or want to get involved with Staff Assembly, contact James Cubbage jscubbage@ucdavis.edu, current chair Jessica Potts jrpotts@ucdavis.edu, or the Staff Assembly website.

Other Plant Sciences personnel who are very active in Staff Assembly include Rob Kerner (past chair), Theresa Costa (past secretary), and Garry Pearson (board member and team leader).

(Article by Ann Filmer, Plant Sciences, UC Davis)

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