Leslie Roche: New Faculty Member, Cooperative Extension Specialist

Leslie Roche joined the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of California, Davis, in September as a faculty member. Roche is a UC Cooperative Extension Specialist in Rangeland Management. She earned a Ph.D. in Ecology from UC Davis, and was a USDA-NIFA postdoctoral fellow and project scientist before joining the faculty.

Leslie Roche, UC Davis and UC ANR.
Leslie Roche, UC Davis and UC ANR.

Her research and extension program is at the intersection of agricultural, environmental, economic, and social aspects of ranching and livestock production on California’s rangelands and pastures. Leslie Roche works with a diversity of rangeland stakeholders to integrate management expertise and applied research to address key challenges, including managing for multiple agricultural and ecological outcomes and coping with and adapting to drought.

Contact information: lmroche@ucdavis.edu

(Article by Ann Filmer)

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